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The interiors of Sarah Sands Hotel. Including lots of warm wooden furnishings, lush pot plants, pendant lights and rattan bar seats.
Photograph: Jake Roden

Sarah Sands Hotel is matching your bar tab while you watch AFL

Start a bar tab for $50, get $100 – no, we're not kidding and yes, it’s really that simple

Written by Sanam Goodman

The AFL season is in full swing and Brunswick's iconic Sarah Sands Hotel is giving you a good reason to head to their venue to watch the game. Round for Round lets you set up a bar tab that the pub will match, giving you double the money to spend across both food and drinks. With a maximum tab of $150 per customer (that’s a whopping total of $300 to spend), it’s sure to become the venue of choice for footy fans far and wide. 

All you need to do is head down to Sarah Sands and set up your tab before the first bounce. Run, don't walk.

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