Society has partnered with N25 to offer their premium Almas Réserve Caviar

The luxury venue is the only place in Melbourne with this caviar on the menu

Written by
Sanam Goodman

In a move as opulent as it is unsurprising, Society has partnered with world-class caviar producer N25 to offer their golden N25 Almas Réserve Caviar across Society’s three spaces: Society Dining Room, The Lounge and Lillian Brasserie.

A perfect match for the already sumptuous dining experience at Society, N25 features in top restaurants around the world with their golden N25 Almas Réserve Caviar the rarest caviar they produce, historically exclusively only enjoyed by Russian Tsars.

Society will serve the sweet yet nutty caviar two ways, a ‘bump’ served traditionally on a mother-of-pearl spoon to maintain the ideal temperature and flavour ($38.50 in The Lounge), on top of the famous Caviar Pretzel ($48.50 in Lillian Brasserie) and as a star in Society Dining Room’s traditional Caviar service, with a 30g tin available ($385) to order alongside the a-la-carte menu.

Book your next dining experience at Society via their website.

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