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Stomping Ground has teamed up with Melbourne Cocoa to create a beer chocolate bar

They've also created a chocolate-infused stout


It’s safe to say that beer and chocolate are two pretty widely loved products. With 2020 being such a wild ride already, Collingwood brewhouse Stomping Ground decided to team up with local chocolatiers Melbourne Cocoa to combine the two.

The (*takes a deep breath*) Double Choc Double Milk Nitro Stout Bar combines chocolate and beer in a milk chocolate and toffee bar that has been made with Stomping Grounds own brewing malts.

Just as they’ve added beer to chocolate, Stomping Ground and Melbourne Cocoa have also added chocolate to beer. The pair have also collaborated to make a Double Choc Double Milk Nitro Stout beer, which amplifies the stout’s already chocolatey flavours by brewing it with plenty of cocoa and lactose.  

The two products have been created to celebrate World Chocolate Day on July 7. While we’re not 100 per cent certain that’s a real holiday, we are 100 per cent these are real products that you can buy if you love your chocolate spiked with beer or vice versa. Both can be bought online from either Melbourne Cocoa or Stomping Ground.

Meanwhile, Craft and Co has created a Gingerbread Gin.

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