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Swanston Street Melbourne crowds
Photograph: Josie Withers/Visit Victoria

The 22 ways to not be a dick as a pedestrian in Melbourne

Keep these in mind the next time you're traversing the CBD

Rebecca Russo
Written by
Rebecca Russo

We know there are some great unspoken rules of using public transport in Melbourne, but it's time we address those on the pavement, too. We all have to get around this city somehow, so let's not make it harder for everyone else.

These are the things all good Melbourne pedestrians should know:

1. Look up from your phone as you cross the road.
2. If you’re walking during peak hour, walk with purpose (especially when you’re heading towards Flinders Street after 5pm).
3. Swanston Street is always a busy thoroughfare – don't get annoyed if you can't move as fast as you'd like. Go down a side street if you're desperate. 
4. If you’re exiting a shop on a busy street like Swanston or Elizabeth Street, look both ways before entering the footpath.
5. If it’s raining and you have an umbrella, please take down your umbrella when going under covered walkways. 
6. Be aware of where your umbrella falls in regards to other people’s faces – learn the umbrella lift.
7. Trams have right of way, so do your best to avoid getting ding-ed.
8. If you can see someone is running to get to a tram, get out of their way.
9. If you’ve got big bags, maybe don’t walk down Melbourne’s skinniest laneways? 
10. Don’t walk four people in a row on the sidewalk. Two max!
11. Don’t walk two abreast down Little Bourke Street in Chinatown. There’s just not enough room.
12. Don’t stop in the middle of the footpath, PLEASE. Move to the side. 
13. If you realise you’re going the wrong way, don’t stop suddenly and cause a three-person pile-up. Complete a wide, safe U-turn. 
14. Pressing the walking signal button over and over doesn’t make the light change more quickly.
15. Slower walkers, please stick to the left.
16. If someone is trying to overtake you, let them.
17. Don’t smoke or vape while walking.
18. No sudden, lateral gesticulations while you're walking (you will take out someone's eye).
19. Be aware of your feet. Don't step on the back of someone's shoes. 
20. Check both ways when you cross the road (we should not even have to say this one).
21. Be sure to check carefully for cyclists as you cross, especially when you're walking towards a CBD tram stop.
22. If you accidentally bump into someone, do the right thing and apologise.


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