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The Bridge Hotel is giving away free gin this Saturday
Written by
Cassidy Knowlton

In case you missed the memo, fancy gin brand Tanqueray Gin is currently hosting a Gin and Juice pop-up bar at the Bridge Hotel in Richmond until March 11. Gin-infused cocktails are the name of the game here, so you can get your hands on: gin and grapefruit juice; gin, Jack Rudy syrup, orange and rosemary; and a gin Bloody Mary. 

But perhaps most excitingly, on Saturday February 17 the bar is giving away free gin cocktails and free gin-flavoured sorbet from 8 to 9pm to anyone who signs up online in advance. The brand is also running a competition to win a "Gin and Juice" dinner for six people. 

Keen? Remember to sign up here before you go.

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