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The Global Drug Survey is here to understand your nose-candy habits

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We at Time Out don’t condone breaking the law, but we know that recreational drug use is a reality of the entertainment landscape.

Global Drug Survey is an encrypted, confidential online survey commissioned by international experts in drugs, health and public policy. Its mission is to reduce harm by better understanding the behaviours of non-dependent drug users. All of its research is approved by university ethics committees.

Over the past five years more than 450,000 people have shared their thoughts on drugs with Global Drug Survey. Because it’s an independent (non-government) survey it does not shy away from tough questions and does not have to comply with the views of government bodies. Last year’s survey found Australians pay more for cocaine than any other country.

GDS 2018 is seeking responses on a range of important topics. If you have experience of any of the following, then Global Drug Survey would like to hear from you:

  • First-time experiences of drugs including LSD, MDMA and cocaine
  • Using drug-checking services
  • GHB: going over and getting hooked
  • Would health warnings on alcoholic beverages change your habits?
  • New drugs on the block
  • Quitting cannabis
  • Can you get cocaine delivered faster than a pizza?
  • Drug sharing
  • Obtaining drugs on the darknet
  • What the perfect MDMA pill looks like

Taking part in the survey does not involve divulging any information that would reveal your identity.

GDS was started in 2011 by a UK addiction psychiatrist, Adam Winstock. It obtains data from more than 35 countries and its research is used by media, public health and corporate organisations.

If you feel you have something to contribute head over to the latest Global Drug Survey – it's now live.

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