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The Global Drug Survey wants to know how lockdown has affected your drug and alcohol intake

Help confidential academic research into drugs and iso-life

Time Out editors

Recreational drug taking (including drinking alcohol) is part of the nightlife of our city. Policymakers, healthcare professionals, academics and industry insiders need an accurate picture of how, why and when we take drugs in order to keep us safe while supporting nightlife and good times. To that end, the annual, totally anonymous Global Drug Survey asks people around the world to be honest about their drug use.

Right now, the survey wants to understand how Covid-19 is affecting daily life, relationships, mental health and wellbeing, as well as use of alcohol and other drugs. Has the cessation of the festival/clubbing scene slowed down your drug use, or increased it? 

For years the Global Drug Survey (GDS) has been asking people to share their recreational drug habits by filling out a confidential and encrypted online survey. Because recreational drug use is illegal in many countries, it can be hard to get accurate information on the issue. The survey is privately commissioned by a group of international experts in drugs, health and public policy – so you don’t need to fear being contacted by the feds. Findings are reported to the public quickly and appear in academic journal articles. 

The current survey began on May 4 and will end on June 15, 2020. Everyone is eligible to participate, there are no prizes or reimbursements and it’s completely anonymous. The time commitment for the survey is between 15-25 minutes and follow-up surveys are 5-10 minutes.

Ready to talk drugs and isolation? Head over to the Global Drug Survey website to make your submission. 

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