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French fries in a plate
Photograph: Creative Commons

This local legend is reviewing every frozen chip available so you don't have to

Who makes the best supermarket frozen chip? Only time will tell

Jess Ho

There are certain people in iso who decided they would take the time away from the general public to improve themselves. Some people vowed to get swoll, others to learn a new language, and some to even learn a new skill. Luckily for us, Michelle Easson, aka mips_chips on Instagram, is not one of those people.

Instead, Easson is buying, deep frying and analysing every single frozen chip available at Australian supermarkets and providing us with informative and sassy commentary on the pros and cons of each chip. 

Some golden nuggets of observation are: 

"Even when I fried the shit out of them half remained not crunchy, so lord have mercy on the poor folk who have to use their oven."

"Next time you’re craving a bowl of fried cardboard look no further."

"The instructions said to fry 2.5-3 mins until golden brown. Wrong. Seven mins later they were about as golden brown as the old rona induced haven’t-been-outside-in-5-weeks skin tone."

Which chips do these important observations belong to? You're going to have to trawl the account to find out. 

This is hard-hitting, investigative journalism and we are here for it. 

Need something to cut the grease? Get some booze delivered.

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