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This scratch-off poster will help you tick off your Melbourne bucket list

Written by
Alannah Maher

How on earth are you expected to keep track of all Melbourne’s essential experiences and mark off what you’ve covered so far in a cute and aesthetic way? Well, you can now get your mitts on a nifty new scratch-off poster to help you do so.

The poster has 49 squares you can scratch away at to reveal a new artwork that honours a definitively Melbourne moment. 

The bucket list items range from the more specific, such as ‘laugh at the Melbourne Comedy Festival’ or ‘rock up at AC/DC Lane’, to less definitive things like ‘have more brunches than you can count’, ‘get lost in Melbourne’ or simply ‘attend a gig’.

The poster – designed, printed and handmade locally by Melbourne Buddy – may not capture the spirit of our fair city in the quite the same way UK illustrator Jenni Sparks’ hand-drawn map of the city’s coolest hot-spots does. However it does make a charming gift for someone new in town or a die-hard Melbourne lover, and there is something to the novelty of going at it scratchie-style with a coin. Gotta scratch ‘em all! 

The poster is currently on sale for an introductory offer of $39, before the price bumps up to $50. You can purchase it here

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