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Hand holding remote watching Netflix
Photograph: Pixabay/StockSnap

This service lets you watch Netflix together with your friends while under quarantine

Written by
Anna Rahmanan

Pro tip: consider having a Netflix Party to help you get through the coronavirus-forced quarantine.

For now only available to Chrome users, the app is basically an extension that will allow you to remotely stream Netflix content in unison with your friends. In basic terms, the program synchronises playback among all viewers, allowing anyone to play and pause the video for everyone else as well. The extension also includes a chat window, so that you can discuss what's on screen in real time with your friends.

Even better: the app is completely free – so why not try it? Browse through our selection of best comfort movies currently on Netflix to find something that will appeal to most of your mates.

Our ability to stream just about anything might be the only way to keep a modicum of our regular routine in place – museums across the country are offering virtual tours, orchestras are live-streaming concerts, etc – so it makes sense to live stream your social life too. 

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