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Try Argentina’s answer to an Espresso Martini in Melbourne

Rebecca Russo

No drink has enraptured the masses quite like the humble Espresso Martini. A blend of vodka, coffee liqueur and espresso, it’s your go-to Friday night party starter. But little did we know that one of Melbourne’s favourite venues has introduced a summer upgrade to this pleasing tipple.

This summer, laneway restaurant San Telmo is dishing out a Café Con Pedro, Argentina’s answer to the Espresso Martini. Created by San Telmo's bar manager Josh Boocock, this cool dessert cocktail is a tasty mixture of Stolen smoked rum, Pedro Ximénez sherry, an espresso shot and a big dollop of dulce de leche, Argentina’s rich, glossy caramel spread. Mix it all together and you get one hell of a summer drink.

You can try a Café Con Pedro at San Telmo, located at 14 Meyers Place in the city.

Another summer drink you ought to try: frozen riesling slushies.

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