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Try these sweet, boozy brioche by an ex-Dinner by Heston patisserie chef

Impress everyone at your next dinner party with this knockout dessert

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Rushani Epa

There's something incredibly satisfying about pull apart bread – be it the communal aspect of sharing it with loved ones, or the act of getting handsy with your food. If you're looking at the savoury option, Baker Bleu's wheel of country rolls is almost at the peak of ASMR-fuelled desires. And if you're looking at a sweet alternative, it's tough to look past Chic de Partie's boozy brioche.

Concocted by ex-Dinner by Heston patisserie chef, Aidan Robinson, the brioche buns imitate the shape of a wheel of country rolls but pack a sugary punch.

“I roll the brioche balls in sugar and butter to create a beautiful [caramelised] crust, prove for six hours and bake until golden. Then I add in the boozy element which is the sauce, a mixture of: brandy, sweet wine, sugar, vanilla and cream which is reduced over 12 minutes, resulting in a delicious caramelised sauce, finished with some raw brandy to give it that extra boozy finish," says Robinson.

It's his welcomed take on Dinner by Heston's Tipsy Cake and each pan of brioche can serve up to six people for $100 a pop. Chic de Partie also offers Portuguese tarts, macarons, celebration cakes, cheesecakes and even croquembouches. Find out more and order yours here, or check it out via Instagram.

Celebrate with French desserts at the Bastille Day French Festival.

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