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We want you to go out this holiday season

Celebrating Christmas in a venue is not only safer, it's practically your patriotic duty
Written by
Cassidy Knowlton

After the year we've just had, Christmas is going to look a little different in 2020. But there is a way to celebrate with friends and family while keeping everyone safe – and it just so happens to be supporting the thousands of businesses that have been doing it impossibly tough this year. 

We're launching a campaign called Xmas Time Out, encouraging people to book into venues for their holiday celebrations rather than gathering at home. Restaurants, bars, cafés and other venues follow the rules and have cleaning protocols, capacity limits and oversight that at-home gatherings just don't. In many ways, they are the safest places to spend time with loved ones this festive season. Plus, after a nightmare year hospitality venues need plenty of support – and getting people out and about and enjoying the city is kinda what we do. 

If you own or work in a hospitality venue and you're offering a Christmas lunch, New Year's package or other holiday special, we'd like to hear about it. Please fill in this form with all of your details to be considered for inclusion in all of our holiday lists. Please note: Just like with our Time In project, we will do our absolute best to get to as many as we can, but we are a small team with limited resources. Our readers are most interested in special Christmas lunches and New Year's packages, so those venues will be prioritised. Please be understanding if we are not able to list every venue. 

We want to tell people about why they should visit your venue and make the most of our beautiful city this Christmas. Let's stay safe, and stay out.

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