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You can get a pet goldfish delivered to your door

Or a budgie, if that's more your speed.
Written by
Cassidy Knowlton

Want a pet to keep you company in your iso-life but can't commit to a dog or a cat? You can order a pet goldfish from Chapel Street pet shop Pets Wonderland and have it delivered straight to your door.

It doesn't have to be a goldfish, either, with Pets Wonderland staff happy to drop off tropical fish, live plants and even birds as pets to people stuck at home. Delivery is free within five kilometres of the Windsor shop, and Pets Wonderland's own staff are the ones doing the delivery, so you know your new friend will be looked after on the journey.

You can ring the store and video conference with staff, who can walk you around virtually and show you what sorts of pets are available. You can also order an aquarium, bowl, cage and other accessories for your new pet to be delivered at the same time, and it all comes with a care sheet with detailed instructions.

If you already own a reptile that is partial to meals on the go, Pets Wonderland will also deliver live crickets to your door. Manager Mikaela Lewis says there's no reason you can't order a scaly new friend, either, except that there are not currently any reptiles in stock.

Lewis says the home-delivered fish have been a hit, with about 50 people so far deciding to invest in a low-maintenance pet. She says Siamese fighting fish and goldfish are popular choices, and Pets Wonderland can also provide simple fishbowls or aquarium setups with filters and lights.

"It’s a good stuck at home activity," she says.

To find out how other Chapel Street businesses are innovating in this very strange time, check the precinct's website.

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