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You can now get a massage while doing yoga in Melbourne

Rebecca Russo

What happens when you combine the poses of a slow-flow yin yoga class with the benefits of a massage? You get massage yoga, or what we like to call the most relaxing two hours of your life.

Massoga is the brainchild of Wallis Murphy, the founder and director of the trademarked Massoga Massage Yoga. Murphy trained as a yoga teacher in New York and in Melbourne and has always incorporated adjustments and massage into her yoga classes.

During a massoga class, participants are guided through a yin yoga practice while yoga adjustors and massage therapists come around and provide hands-on adjustments and massage. Each massoga class combines essential oils, music, yoga bolsters and planned-out sequencing, with masseuses making the rounds to each participant throughout the duration of the class. The result is a thoroughly relaxing experience.

Massoga classes are run across Melbourne in different yoga studios, including ones in South Yarra, Northcote and Moonee Ponds. Visit the website for more information and to book in for a class.  

ICYMI you can also do yoga in a room full of puppies.

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