Youth-led food rescue charity FoodFilled is urgently looking for volunteers

Do your bit to help the thousands of people in need of food in Melbourne

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Sanam Goodman
Someone handing a box of food to someone else

Food rescue charity FoodFilled has been fighting food insecurity since 2018, partnering with retailers and charities across Melbourne to collect excess food and donate it to those in need. So far, they’ve fed a whopping 30,000 people across Melbourne, donating excess food to everyone from asylum seekers through to youth in crisis and people escaping abuse. 

The demand for food has only increased since the pandemic, and FoodFilled is now looking to expand its volunteer base of over 270 people so they can get even more food to even more people who are desperately in need. 

FoodFilled volunteers are mainly responsible for distributing rescued food, picking it up from retailers and delivering it to partner charities. Part of the FoodFilled mission is to also empower people to be more accountable when it comes to waste, so it’s a great initiative to get involved in if you’re looking to be more mindful of food waste and consumption. 

For more information on their volunteer program and the work that they do, head to the FoodFilled website

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