Lake House

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Lake House

More than 30 years in the making, Lake House is the beating heart of the affluent central Victorian town of Daylesford: a perfectly realised wonderland of luxe accommodation and a restaurant with too many awards to fit on the mantelpiece. Arrange yourself on a comfortable banquette in the Cape Cod-styled dining room and get acquainted with Alla Wolf-Tasker’s lush modern European menu that champions local producers. Steak tartare might be served with the modern panache of puffed beef tendon, bresaola, soft-centred quail egg and piquant sauce gribiche, while Asian accents might appear with a John Dory fillet served with scampi, apple kimchi and edamame in butter sauce. As for the wine list, it’s one of the best in Victoria.

By: Larissa Dubecki


Venue name: Lake House
Address: 4 King St
Price: Up to $$
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