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Boxes of Lord of the Fries' fries, two of which are covered in tomato and barbecue sauce
Photograph: Lord of the Fries

Lord of the Fries is giving away free chips to vaccinated customers

Show your vaccination certificate and Lord of the Fries will thank you with free fries
Written by
Nicola Dowse

The best thing about getting vaccinated is knowing you're protecting yourself and your community. But if businesses also want to sweeten the deal with freebies, who are we to say no?

Plant-based fast food chain, Lord of the Fries, is giving away free fries to any customers who have been fully vaccinated. Lord of the Fries CEO, Mark Koronczyk, said: "There comes a time when individuals need to do what’s best for the greater good. This is one of those times. The vast majority of Australians support vaccinations. While we recognize that not everyone is able to be vaccinated and that many are resistant for various reasons, we feel that those that do the right thing should get a treat."

If you're fully vaccinated, you can claim your free small fries and sauce the next time you buy a Lord of the Fries big burger or hot dog in store – just show your vaccination certificate when purchasing. 

Here's how to put your vaccination certificate on your phone.

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