Modern Movements at Palermo

Restaurants, American
A pop art soup can
Photograph: James Morgan

A meal of edible Pop Art, Cubist ceviche and Abstract cocktails

News that the NGV's major winter exhibition is featuring more than 200 seminal works from New York's Museum of Modern Art was massive news in the art world, and to celebrate some of the world's most recognisable art coming to Melbourne, Palermo are hosting a dinner where you can eat the art.

The Modern Movements dinner is a special, one-off, artistic endeavour from a restaurant better known for their rustic Argentinean fare. As a part of MEL&NYC from the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, on Wednesday August 8 they will host a five-course dinner inspired by movements in modern art so that you can taste cubism, drink abstraction and dine out on pop art.

They will be treating the foam of a classic Pisco Sour like a blank canvas to be splattered with colour; Fernet and Coke will be served in the classic pop art soda bottle and a dessert of banana parfait will also get the pop art treatment (thank you, Warhol).

Raw yellowfin tuna and swordfish crudo will become a cubist checkerboard; there'll be an abstract tangle of baby octopus; but the thing that will get all the Insta love is sure to be the classic Argentinean stew, made with beef, pumpkin, chorizo and corn, served in a Campbell's Soup-style can.

Tickets tot he Modern Movements dinner are limited so bookings are essential. Tickets are $123pp and include five courses and two cocktails. 


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