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The best smoothies in Melbourne

Drinkable treats that are all about the tasty, with none of the guilt

By Delima Shanti

We’ve all seen the freakshakes – the dairy-based concoctions sugared up to the nines and piled high with whole doughnuts, tarts, dribbles of chocolate sauce and lashings of whipped cream. But let’s take it back to basics with smoothies – or not so basic depending on where you go. Not content to simply blend up a few fruit and veg, cafés are constantly trying to one-up each other on the superfoods they can jam into a smoothie (just wait until you scroll down to Shoku Iku) and the bright colours they can create.

Now that you've started your health kick, peruse our wrap-up of Melbourne's best tea specialists and comforting hot chocolates. If you're after something a bit more substantial, check out our run-down of the city's best breakfasts.

Combi chocolate smoothie
Graham Denholm


Restaurants Elwood

This chocolaty smoothie from Elwood café Combi tastes so naughty but is actually very good for you. Nourish your body with this blended concoction that reads like a superfood dictionary, it contains raw cacao, cacao nibs, berries, coconut flesh, cinnamon, banana, raw chocolate fermented protein powder, housemade nut milk.

Five Plus Smoothie Bar

Restaurants Melbourne

This Absolute Avo number from Five Plus Smoothie Bar is listed under the ‘Meal To Go’ section, and if we can slurp down spinach, avocado, apple, dates and almond milk for a liquid lunch that taste like dessert, we’re totally OK with that.


Nutrition Bar

Restaurants Richmond

You’ll be feeling light as a feather after Nutrition Bar's simple Clean and Lean smoothie – which includes the refreshing combination of spinach, mint, parsley, lemon, cucumber, celery, ginger, coconut water. Definitely a solid recovery number if you're in need of some liquid TLC. The açai bowl is also a good go-to if you're after a protein kick. 

Serotonin Eatery

Restaurants Burnley

Serotonin Eatery's Wellness Smoothie (Spinach, mango, coconut milk & banana) might or might not boost your serotonin level, but it'll certainly fill you with vitamins and minerals to keep your mind and body at working best all day.


Shoku Iku

Restaurants Northcote

This $25 smoothie from vegan eatery Shoku Iku has so many superfoods blitzed in it might even add years onto your life. The hefty list of ingredients includes: coconut water, coconut meat, berries, hemp, cacao nibs, goji berry, ashwagandha, astragalus, MSM, camu camu, fulvic acid, reishi, maca, marine phytoplankton, mega hydrate, vanilla, lakanto. We don’t know how to pronounce half those things either, but they sound healthy enough.

Tropicana juice bar smoothie
Amanda Summons

Tropicana Juice and Food Bar

Restaurants Melbourne

If you’re hankering for a healthy beverage in the CBD, chances are your best bet is the old faithful Tropicana Juice and Food Bar. The South American smoothie is more a juice than a smoothie, but it claims it to leave you with a natural high for 4.5 hours (the ingredients are top secret but we’re sure it’s a very legal high).

How about a healthy breakfast?

A bowl of assorted cut fruits at The Kettle Black
Photograph: Ryan Noreiks

The best porridge dishes in Melbourne

Restaurants Cafés

Don’t fall into the trap of underestimating the humble bowl of oats. Melbourne cafés are dressing their designer porridges with the likes of burnt maple, cacao nibs and freeze-dried fruits; with bases ranging from steel-cut oats to quinoa and polenta.


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