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Butterbing cookies


This Melbourne-based baker smooshes delicious buttercream between two freshly baked dark chocolate brownie cookies. Need we say more?

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There are cookie sandwiches and then there are Butterbing cookie sandwiches. The difference is the taste: Butterbing's are fresh, soft and made from high quality ingredients. Really, it's no surprise that what began as a one-woman operation soon expanded into an enterprise that delivers cookies to more than 80 cafés across Melbourne. 

Butterbing was founded by Melbourne-based baking enthusiast Simone Clarke in 2013 as a humble home business. Clarke began by buying ingredients from the local IGA and selling her wares to nearby cafés. She also had an 'Honesty Fridge' on her front porch, where she invited neighbours to pick up treats in exchange for coins that they'd slide under her door. "It was one of my fondest memories, often my neighbours would leave lovely notes," says Clarke. "It was very sweet."

Soon, word of Clarke's dark chocolate brownie and buttercream sandwiches started to spread. As demand grew, she found that her current system (making six sandwiches at a time, spending 16 hours a day baking and then hopping on her bike to make deliveries) was not sufficient. So, she invested in a commercial kitchen, hired a team of professional bakers and took Butterbing from home operation to thriving enterprise.

These days, you'll find Butterbing cookie sandwiches in cafés across Melbourne, as well as at pop-up events like Square Market (March 9-16). Pop in to visit at the market and try a sandwich for yourself; Clarke has even created some special new Easter flavours.
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