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Cookaborough is the platform connecting local cooks to time-poor households

Ready-made meals delivered straight from the kitchens of your favourite local cooks


Back in 2019, neighbours Nick and Larissa Lewis and Lyndon Galvin had the special experience of having a local cook make meals for their neighbourhood. Her home-cooked meals became so popular that she had a waitlist, and she often fell behind on admin and keeping track of everything. Nick, Larissa and Lyndon saw this as an opportunity, and so began Cookaborough.

As households get busier and become more time-poor, working out what’s for dinner every night can take its toll. To simplify things, Cookaborough aims to connect local food businesses and cooks to customers while handling all the tedious admin and behind-the-scenes operational stuff, like customer management, delivery routes and food labelling. 

The way it works is simple: jump on the platform to look at menus from local cooks and businesses, then choose your meals before the menu closes. The meals for the week are then made to order each week and are delivered to you or made available to be picked up at a time of your choice. 

Cooks on the platform include everyone from home cooks and local food stores to chefs. The menus they each offer operate on a weekly cycle, helping minimise food waste and keep things efficient for everyone. 

It’s also the only platform that meets all the requirements of the NDIS and HCP, giving those using these programs access to nutritious and delicious food – something they may not often have the opportunity to enjoy. 

“Busy households are shifting from 'what’s for dinner tonight’ to ‘what’s for dinner next week’, and are looking for better ways to solve the ‘dinner dilemma'. They don’t want to be thinking about it at 6pm every night. With this in mind, our ‘Find-A-Cook’ marketplace makes it easy for households across Australia to find quality, wholesome meals made by local food businesses,” says Cookaborough co-founder Nick Lewis.

There are currently more than 120 cooks nationwide on the platform, and since its launch, more than 1.6 million meals have been provided to its current customer base of more than 50,000 hungry people.

To find out more, head to the Cookaborough website.

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