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The best perfume shops in Melbourne

Meet your new signature scent at one of Melbourne’s purveyors of fine fragrances

Carolyn Huane
Contributor: Liv Condous

When it comes to discovering a new fragrance, chasing after alluringly-scented strangers to ask what they’re wearing is a tried-and-true method. But whether you’re too shy to ask or they’re too quick to escape, it’s not always feasible. Instead, you can peruse a selection of unique, rare and beguiling scents at one of Melbourne’s perfume stores. Visit one of Melbourne’s best fragrance boutiques to get advice from the olfactory experts on choosing an every day scent or adding to your personal collection.

Melbourne is blessed with a plethora of perfume shops, to choose from, so we’ve assembled this list for fragrance hobbyists, scent wardrobe curators and casual spritzers alike. Or if you want to really shop around, we've included a list of the best local online fragrance stores too. 

Ready for retail therapy? Shopping on Chapel Street has it all, check out our guide here. Or if you're feeling thrifty, here are the best vintage stores in Melbourne.

The best perfume shops in Melbourne to find your signature fragrance

Lore Perfumery

Lore Perfumery are “keeping Fitzroy smelling amazing”. Step through their Brunswick Street doors and enter a perfume wonderland, featuring over 700 niche fragrances to uncover. Sift through the treasure trove under your own steam or let the Lore Perfumery experts guide your journey to sublime and unexpected fragrances. Founded by Kleins Perfumery alumni Jess and Jade, Lore is an homage to the pair’s love of fine and niche fragrance, breathing new life into an at-times intimidating or old school industry. A must-stop on your tour of Melbourne’s best fragrance boutiques.

Libertine Parfumerie

If you’re a perfume obsessive or exploring niche, rare fragrances for the first time, Libertine Parfumerie is the destination to experiment, learn and indulge to your heart’s content. In Victoria you can find Libertine Parfumerie stores inside several Myer locations, housing unique collections of fragrance brands within each one. Libertine fragrance experts can help you sample and fall in love with the avant garde and eclectic, or heritage, upper-crust fragrance houses. For the true fans, deepen your knowledge and take your infatuation to the next level by attending one of their masterclasses events.


Flâner Fragrances

Flâner: a distinctly French term meaning to stroll, meander or drift at leisure, often used to describe moving through a city. This ethos of slowing down to enjoy the small things is at the heart of Flâner Fragrance, a local perfumer crafting vegan, cruelty-free and non-gendered scents. Roam to their store on Gertrude Street in Fitzroy and sample fragrances that aim to transport you. For example, mist yourself in Manhattan Cherry’s rich notes of maraschino cherry and red vermouth to evoke the dimly-lit speakeasies of Manhattan. Or, for a lighter touch, Vive la Fleur invites you to springtime in Paris with notes of grapefruit, bergamot and white apricot.

Men’s Biz

They may be about more than just fragrance, but men’s grooming experts Men’s Biz belong on this list thanks to their exhaustive knowledge of cologne and perfume. While you can shop online, we suggest heading in-store for personalised guidance at one of their hybrid barbershop boutiques – in Victoria, these are located in Royal Arcade and Collins Square. Men’s Biz select stock with an eye for quality and sensory experience, so you can be certain each fragrance has their tick of approval. Prices range from the affordable to the high end, and their collection features uncommon and seductive fragrances you won’t find elsewhere.



Have you ever wanted to create a bespoke signature scent? Something tailored to your personality, lifestyle and favourite fragrance profiles? Rather than layering two or more scents to achieve this effect at home, MetaScent’s perfume studio offers visitors the rare chance to be part of the artistic process from start to finish. Besides their create-your-own perfume workshops, which they call ‘olfactive design’, MetaScent also boasts a library of niche perfumes and an extensive range of in-house fragrances curated by master perfumers Janelle Donnelly and Huynh Hai Yen. Explore the studio by reservation for a truly personal fragrance experience.


For a first-class selection of niche fragrances from across the globe, get yourself to Oligarch in Caulfield. Their fragrance expertise is second-to-none, and paired with an encyclopaedic selection of niche and luxurious fragrances you’re sure to be matched with a scent you’ll love. Whether fragrance is your hobby, you’re looking to treat yourself or a loved one, or you simply want to own a fragrance that no one else you know will have, Oligarch has all bases covered. Sniff your way through best-sellers and hidden gems with insight from warm and inviting staff.


Peony Melbourne

Hawthorn-based Peony Melbourne perfumery will transport you to the affluence, elegance and indulgence of a European perfume atelier, complete with antique décor and a beautiful collection of fragrances. A treat for the senses, Peony creates a space to celebrate and immerse yourself in a love of fragrance, with consultation services if you’d like a helping hand finding the one for you. Peony’s ‘slow fragrance’ philosophy puts a focus on sustainability, leaning towards brands that embody positive environmental impact, Fair Trade practices and high quality ingredients.


The scents of the natural world are heroed at this fragrance haven, with extracts from Australian flora distilled into essential oils to make their products. Essensorie offer perfume oils, solid natural fragrances, and even a perfumed hair mist. The fragrances are crafted with extracts from elements of nature like leaves, flowers, timbers and fruits – to create scents like mandarin sandalwood, pomelo petitgran and cedar oakmoss. In addition to wearable fragrances, the store also have a range of essential oils and products to make your home smell as good as you do, too.  

The best online perfume shops in Melbourne

Mihan Aromatics

Formed from a profound love of Australia’s wild and unknowable landscapes, Mihan Aromatics places native, organic ingredients at the centre of its practice. Kakadu plum seed oil and organic sugarcane are used throughout their fragrance collection to pay tribute to co-founder Julia’s family, who hail from tropical far North Queensland. Scents range from the grounded sage and cinnamon notes of Mikado Bark to the soft bergamot, vanilla and coconut infusion of Sienna Brume. All are tied together by a distinctly Australian flavour and nostalgic romance. And if you just can’t choose, their discovery set allows you to revel in the entire collection.

Kleins Perfumery

Kleins Perfumery began its life as an artisanal perfumery on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy in 1993 and has since evolved to develop its own product offering. Drawing on her decades of experience, founder Andrea Birnie created a range of perfumes that have become sought-after on the shelves of those in the know. These days, Kleins Perfumery has relocated to an e-boutique where you can browse luxurious roll-on perfume oils encased in their signature fun, attractive designs. You’ll find their fragrances are a conversation between the artist featured on the packaging and the perfumer, bringing together an array of perfumes you’ll want to mix and match in your own collection.


Tsu Lange Yor

Named after the Yiddish for “to long years and to good years”, Tsu Lange Yor brings together fragrances for self and sanctuary, capturing an exploration of beauty, romance and individuality. Founded by two brothers in Carlton (Troye Sivan and Steele Mellet), the collection features unique bottle designs and smooth, sophisticated scents. Try TLY 5755, the brand’s signature fragrance and a collaboration with Sydney perfumer Craig Andrade, for an infusion of native Australian sandalwood, black pepper and vanilla – warm, spicy and calming. If amber and woody notes are more for you, opt for Luca with its seductive, stirring hits of bergamot, moss and musk.

LKNU Parfumerie

The experience of in-person fragrance shopping is near impossible to replicate online. But if you’re strapped for time, far from an IRL perfumery or just prefer the efficiency of online shopping, LKNU Parfumerie offers everything you could wish for in an online fragrance boutique and then some. Shop a vast selection of niche, indie and artisanal perfume brands by fragrance note family, personality, style, budget and a range of other factors. Even better, opt to use their #ScentMe feature, in which an LKNU expert collates all your fragrance whims and desires and hand-picks 12 1ml samples for you to try.


St. Sillage

Housing apothecary-style, aromatherapeutic scents, ST. SILLAGE promises encompassing, invigorating fragrances imbued with luxurious, natural ingredients. There are several fragrance lines to choose from starring fragrance oils for use in diffusers, room sprays, hand creams and washes. ST. SILLAGE invites you to protect and cultivate your environment with fragrances that speak to you on a deeper level. They make a thoughtful and unusual gift for the fragrance lover or interior design connoisseur in your life – since fragrance is another, lesser-appreciated aspect of beautiful spaces. For a Melbourne-inspired room fragrance, choose N°6 LE CAFÉ which spotlights a blend of coffee, cinnamon and citrus oils.

Ficifolia Fragrances

The spark that ignited the birth of Ficifolia Fragrances came to founder Sophie Marcoux in the depths of Melbourne's pandemic lockdowns, when she yearned to venture out into the city. So she created scents that are reminiscent of her favourite Melbourne outings – vintage shopping in Fitzroy, a night at the theatre, or after work drinks by the Yarra river. Ficifolia offer olfactory recreations of these beloved experiences, bottled into fragrance form. If you can't decide which fragrance is for you, you can try their flight deck offering, with sample sizes of each. Or, the brand offer risk-free returns, with tiny 2ml bottles delivered with each bottle to try before you commit to a full bottle. 

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