The best vintage shops in Melbourne

Take a slice of history and make it yours at these emporiums of yesteryear

Skip the fast fashion and hunt for vintage clothing at Melbourne's best vintage shops. We've chosen the following stores because they've done all the hard work for you so you can find fashion treasures from bygone eras and repurpose them as your own.

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Melbourne's best vintage stores



This central city store is a Melbourne institution. Located in the Nicholas Building, RetroStar specialises in '40s to '80s vintage wares, but '70s fanatics can't go past the range of flares, kitschy tees and leather jackets. If you're looking for a '70s style that's cool rather than pisstake, this one's for you.


Penny Lane Clothing Exchange

Sell, swap or buy second hand and vintage clothing at Penny Lane, the Sydney Rd clothing exchange store that specialises in good looking goods from yesteryear. Be aware: if you're bringing stuff in, it has to be in great nick and the shop's got the discretion to knock it back. Average prices range between $35 and $65.



If you’re ever on the lookout for the perfect leather boots, brown leather belt or across the shoulder bag then get to Shappere. They even sell reworked bomber jackets made from recycled leather. Vintage fabrics are reworked to make dresses and skirts.



Shag isn't dissimilar to a Grace Jones film clip on steroids, where bold colours, animal prints, shoulder pads and asymmetrical dresses reign supreme. By selling a mixture of vintage and new, the masterminds behind Shag, Grant Francis and Jeremy Valentine, are always on the lookout to stock kaleidoscope of colour, print and fabric in their stores.



Breathe life into your wardrobe with some pre-loved garments, accessories and luxe vintage pieces from this South Yarra shopfront. Keep your eyes peeled for labels like Fendi, Prada, Mulberry and Miu Miu. Yep, this is no op-shop.

South Yarra

Vintage Garage

Hats! Handbags! Homewares! Vintage Garage is a Collingwood boutique that knows how to do '50s and '60s vintage right. With some of Melbourne’s best dealers selecting the stock, they’ve got you covered from dresses to dress shirts and everywhere in between. Apparel and accessories aside, you can find vinyl records, memorabilia, collectables and vintage fabric throughout your rockabilly time-trip.



Thrifty fashionistas rejoice! Bruce offers a carefully curated collection of recycled high-end designer clothing – Prada, Diane Von Furstenberg and some top Aussie designers were on the racks the day we visited – displayed for easy browsing and homing in on the perfect piece. The environment is nice and unintimidating and the prices just right.

Fitzroy North

Martin Fella

This blink-and-you'll-miss-it store in North Melbourne is for the daring fashionistas. Martin Fella himself says that he sources the best menswear from international designers from the ’50s to ’80s – many of whom were responsible for Hollywood glam and glitter – and also French labels such as Lea Stein, St. Tropez and Pierre Cardin.

North Melbourne

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By: Time Out editors


Michelle F

You forgot the BEST vintage shop in Melbourne!  Christine's at 362 Brunswick St, Fitzroy. or on facebook as Christine's.   They have clothing from the 1940s-50s all vintage reproductions and the best quality in Melbourne.