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Where to buy Australian-made hand sanitisers

Keep up the good hygiene while supporting local makers with these Melbourne hand sanitiser suppliers

Rebecca Russo
Written by
Rebecca Russo

One of our favourite things to come out of the pandemic is the push to support local. Local makers are some of the many people who have been severely affected by lockdowns, so we’re all for spending our dollars locally and making sure we’ll see them thriving post-lockdown. Currently, we’re still trying to be hyper-vigilant when it comes to hygiene – and while we’ve got you sorted on local mask makers, we thought we’d also show some love to some local hand sanitiser makers you can support right now.

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Australian-made hand sanitisers to try

A boutique Australian brand called Sanny is making chic, pocket-sized tubes of sanitiser in a number of colours. Plus, the formulation is 80 per cent alcohol, and it dries in a flash. Get one 20ml spray bottle for $19.95, or all three for $59.85.

Third Drawer Down, the Fitzrovian home of all things that are aesthetic, is selling hand sanitiser in bottles designed by artists. The store has collaborated with Zeep self-care products to create “Hand Sanity-tizer” – funky bottles of hospital-strength hand sanitiser covered in artworks by David Shrigley and Magda Archer. Prices start at $6.


Mosaic and Moonlight is a small Melbourne business that makes soaps, candles, bath and body products and now, aromatherapy hand sanitiser. The sanny comes in lemongrass or lavender, and both contain 90 per cent natural grain alcohol, as well as coconut oil and vitamin E to keep hands soft as well as clean. We've been using the lemongrass one for a while, and we love both the smell and the feel. The lavender scent has de-stressing properties as well, which is something we could all use. Each 50ml bottle is $8.95. 

Urban Alley Brewery in Docklands decided to use its resources to create its own hand sanitiser during the pandemic. The initiative was brought about in an effort to keep current staff employed as well as providing something that’s been quickly deemed a necessity for the wider community. The process of creating hand sanitiser usually takes three months, but the Urban Alley team were able to turn it around in just three weeks. Prices start at just $2.50.


South Melbourne café and coffee roasters St Ali adapted early to the pandemic, creating its own hand sanitiser and even face masks. The hand sanny is made in partnership with HydroChem and is a 75 per cent alcohol product. It's made to the WHO specifications and comes in both gel and liquid formulas. Prices start at $19.95 for 500ml. 

Urban Attitude has collaborated with local artists to create a limited-edition art series of hand sanitisers. These bottles feature gorgeous designs from Aurora Campbell and George Rose. The sanny itself is a 70 per cent ethanol concoction with aqua, glycerine and hop oil. You can pick up a 500ml pump bottle for $18.95. 


Hanny Sanny is a Melbourne-made hand sanny that’s directly come out of the 2020 pandemic. This small business makes a consumer-grade sanitiser and comes in a number of different scents, including lavender, eucalyptus, lemongrass and aniseed. You can grab a 100ml bottle for just $5, or a 250ml bottle for $9.

This hand sanitiser boasts a sustainable approach, with glass packaging, refills and carbon neutral shipping. The sanitiser itself is vegan and also has hydrators in it like Hyaluronic Acid, which combats against dryness. Prices start at $19.95.

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