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Bodhi & Ride

  • Sport and fitness
  • Port Melbourne

Time Out says

Hot yoga meets spin class at this Port Melbourne health club at the forefront of the trend towards holistic wellness

Yoga classes run by untrained instructors at the gym rarely cut it. Conversely, yoga schools generally don’t offer other ways to elevate the heart rate. Borrowing from a concept popular in New York and London, Bodhi & Ride offers quality hot yoga as well as spin classes, which they call Ride, under the same roof.

The Ride class bears little resemblance to usual spin classes. For a start, you get clip-in shoes, instruction about hand positions and a proper seat adjustment. Bodhi & Ride has worked hard to make this class a sensory experience that touches on something other than thigh burn: the tunes are pumpin’ (you can access playlists later on Soundcloud) and mood lights keep things calm and cool. At one point, the class is dark for five minutes; it’s more rave than workout.

The hot yoga classes (flow and static practices) are run by experienced teachers in the loft upstairs. It's a beautifully light and spacious room with exposed beams, designed by award-winning architects Hachem (the minds behind Adelphi Hotel).

Add to that Melbourne’s first dedicated mediation pod – a soundproofed room with zafu cushions (little pillows that raise your hips above the height of your knees and keep your back straight while you meditate cross-legged on the floor) and the mellifluous tones of long-term mindfulness practitioners and the experience becomes bliss.

Last but not least is the onsite ‘refuel station’, a nutrition bar which provides freshly made superfood smoothies (lots of coconut water and cacao to refresh and rehydrate post-sweat), breakfast bowls and tasty raw treats.

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Written by
Meg Crawford


416-418 Bay Street
Port Melbourne
Opening hours:
Sun 8.30am-12.15pm; Mon & Tue, 5.45am-7.30am, 5pm-7.45pm; Wed 5.45am-7.30pm, 9am-10.45am, 5pm-7.45pm; Thu 6.30am-8.15pm, 5.30pm-7.15pm; Fri 6.30am-8.15am, 9am-10.45am; Sat 8am-12.15pm
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