Much Ado About Nothing

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Pop-up Globe Australia 2017 Melbourne Much Ado About Nothing production still 01 courtesy Pop-up Globe
Photograph: Supplied Much Ado About Nothing

Experience Shakespeare’s comedy as it was intended, in this limited season by New Zealand venture Pop-up Globe

Pop-up Globe is a replica of the Globe Theatre of 1614, built to the exact specifications of the Bard and his players. This is how the most popular plays in the world were born and staged: with natural light and unplugged sound, a standing audience of general admission ‘groundlings’, direct-audience address, and dirty jokes telegraphed with obscene gestures.

Much Ado About Nothing is a great choice for this one-of-a-kind theatre experience: it’s still pretty funny in 2017, and the lovers at the centre of the drama – Beatrice and Benedick – are basically the pattern on which every rom-com is based. These guys really, really love to annoy each other. And Benedick swears he’s not into relationships right now. So of course they’re going to end up in love, right?

This production from New Zealand director Miriama McDowell promises to create a giant backyard party vibe, and the blended international ensemble – from the UK, New Zealand, and Australia – are going to be dancing, singing, and wooing all over the place. Settle in for a romp.

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