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A photo of the Melbourne skyline with a "thinking" emoji over the top and the words "how to pronounce Truganina"
Photograph: Flickr/Alex Proimos

A beginner’s guide to pronouncing Melbourne’s suburb names

If you didn’t grow up in Melbourne, you might not realise how weird some of the pronunciations are

By Nicola Dowse

Fact: everyone who comes to Melbourne for the first time will mispronounce Prahran. Our city certainly has its quirks, and one of those quirks is having sometimes illogical pronunciations. A few of Melbourne's suburbs are known to be particularly tricky to say, and we're here to help out.

Please note we are but humble journalists who love Melbourne – not experts in orthoepy (betcha didn't know that word till now). This is only how we know these suburbs to be commonly pronounced. Don't @ us.

How to pronounce Melbourne's trickiest-to-say suburbs


Maribyrnong: Marrah bah-nong. The real trick is remembering how to spell it.

Prahran: Pra-ran or Pran. 

Malvern: Moll-vern. 

Caulfield: Corr-field.


 Welcome to Pran Market

Lalor: Lay-law. Controversially, we are calling it as lay-law not law-ler. Yes, the area was named after pollie Peter Lalor (who pronounced his name law-ler) but guess what Peter, the people have spoken and the area is these days commonly referred to as lay-law. 

Toorak: Toor-rak.

Mordialloc: Mordy-allick.

Berwick: Bear-rick.

Northcote: North-kit. 


The view from Ruckers Hill, North Kit. 


Beaumaris: Boh morris. Apologies to any French speakers, we know it’s wrong. 

Reservoir: Reser-vor.

Nunawading: Nun-ah-wodding.

Wantirna: Wand-turnah.

Truganina: True-gah nine-ah. Yeah, that one surprised us too.

Greenborough: Greens-brah.

Roxburgh Park: Rocks-brah Park.


The famous Briiiiiighton Beach bathing boxes.


St Albans: Snnnorbins. Kind of sounds like it’s a new pokemon. 

Keilor: Kee-law.

Tarneit: Tar-neat.

Brighton: Briiiiiighton. As in, “I’ve done all of Briiiiiighton.”

Swanston Street Melbourne crowds
Photograph: Josie Withers/Visit Victoria

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