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Apsis VR Melbourne

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Time Out says

Blur the lines between reality and fantasy with these immersive VR escape room adventures

Unlike your standard escape rooms that are relegated to the physical realm, Apsis uses virtual reality technology to transport its guests to insanely detailed worlds. Strap on the gear, take in the sights and solve rich, story-driven puzzles with your companions. 

Your first and perhaps most difficult task is to choose the type of adventure you’d like to embark on. There are three categories: adventure, mysterious and intense. 

Are you after a mystery where your mission could be to find a lost pyramid or the location of an ancient legendary ship? An adrenaline rush as you attempt to stop a nuclear attack or escape from a dilapidated cabin in the woods? Or perhaps you’re after something that visually astounds you, like entering the enchanted world of Alice in Wonderland

The options vary in difficulty and they even include some side quests – like collecting trophies – to give experienced players the opportunity for a greater challenge. If you’re an escape room newbie, don’t feel as though you have to choose the easiest option: the friendly staff will be around to give you hints and guide you along the way if you get stuck.

Once you’ve selected your adventure, the staff will give you a brief orientation that details what to expect and how to use the equipment. Next, you’ll be led into the game room that has dedicated spaces for each player to stand and move. The staff will strap you into your VR goggles (bonus: if you're bespectacled, they fit over glasses) and then you will begin your epic quest. 

When in-game, you will be able to see your companion's virtual avatar, hear and talk to them, pass things to each other and tackle challenges together. Race against the clock as you use your hands, body and mind to solve each puzzle through fun activities like drinking shrinking potions, climbing buildings or even playing a round of croquet.

It's a fantastic option for everything from date night and work events to reconnecting with your family and friends. To top things off, Apsis is open daily from 10am to 10pm meaning you can also book in a late-night session after drinks on the town. 

Head to the Apsis VR Melbourne website to book your session, and use the code TIMEOUT20 for 20 per cent off at checkout. 

Adena Maier
Written by
Adena Maier


10 Queen Street
Nearby stations: Flinders Street Station
From $49 per person
Opening hours:
Daily 10am-10pm
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