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Contemporary Scandi workshop
Photograph: Andrew Henshaw

Become the vi-king of your kitchen with these Scandinavian cooking workshops

Unleash your inner Viking with a Scandinavian cultural workshop at Melbourne Museum. Self-proclaimed Viking (and consultant chef at Denmark House) Lasse Povlsen is hosting a series of workshops that will make you an expert on one of the less violent Viking traditions – cooking.

The first workshop on Sunday, July 15 will have participants baking traditional Scandinavian-style rye bread. Learn about the ingredients that make up an authentic loaf and discover the best flavour combinations for smørrebrød – Scandinavian open sandwiches.

The following weekend, on July 22, get into a pickle on purpose with Povlsen’s pickling and curing class. Pickled and fermented foods are traditionally a big part of Scandinavian diets, and you’ll learn how to make your own pickling liquid, layered jar of winter vegetables and get insight into the Scandinavian approach to curing fish and foraging for food.

Entry to Melbourne Museum’s Vikings: Beyond the Legend exhibition is included in each workshop. Tickets can be purchased via the Melbourne Museum website. 

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