Flour Market Southside Slice

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Flour Market
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Melbourne's biggest bake sale finally makes it's way down south

If you've been fan of Flour Market, Melbourne's most famous bake sale, you'll be glad to know that it's finally making its way to the southside. Flour Market Southside Slice is the sale's first sojourn south of the Yarra, and this debut will feature exclusive appearances that hadn't yet been to the northside events.

As usual, pastry fiends can skip the line by buying early bird tickets for $10 on Wednesday April 5. The tickets are definitely worth it if you're an early riser and want to get in before everyone else does at 8.30am. If you'd rather sleep in, here's a sneak peek of who's going to be at the southside bake sale:

- All Day Donuts
- Bake and Co
- Blackberry Belle Pies
- Butterbing
- Citizen Cacao
- Cremorne Street Bakers
- 5 and Dime Bagel
- Millstone Patisserie
- Penny for Pound
- Pure Pie
- Shortstop Donuts
- Cobb lane
- Cherry Cakes
- Butter Mafia
- Pierre Roelofs

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