Lobster rolls at Betty's Burgers Melbourne
Photograph: Betty's Burgers

Lobster rolls are back at Betty's Burgers

Is it really summer without a Betty's Burgers lobster roll? We think not


This is not a drill! Betty's Burgers Luxe Lobster Rolls are back but for a limited time (last year they sold out so this year we aren't messing around).

From November 11 you can get Betty's Burgers Luxe Lobster Rolls in-store. Recognising the clear demand for the diamond of the Betty's Burgers menu, they've upped their quantities and Betty's Burgers estimates that this year's supply should last approximately two weeks. But, we wouldn't risk it. 

At $19 each, you get a warm, buttered brioche bun topped with lobster, mayo, shallots and fresh lettuce. Just one Luxe Lobster Roll will have you setting calendar reminders for lobster roll week after week for the rest of your life.

Not wanting to leave your furry buddy out, Betty's Burgers have teamed up with Big & Little Dogs to create lobster rashies for your furry friend. 

Order your rashie here and be quick to wrap your hands around our favourite lobster roll  before they sell out.

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