Melbourne Magic Festival

Things to do
Lawrence Leung
Photograph: Supplied

Kids' shows, comedy shows, even magic in the dark – the magic festival has something for everyone

Magicians from all over the world descend on Melbourne for a festival devoted to the craft of illusion. 

A show to look out for is 'Magic in the Dark', which is conceived for people with low vision or for sighted people who just want to experience illusions with their other senses. Magician Juan Esteban Varela will be blindfolded during the performance, and the audience will experience the show using their other senses. It is presented in association with Vision Australia. 

Comedian Laurence Leung will be performing 'Unthinkable', which is described as an "unbelievable evening of twisted experiments, psychological game-play and intimate investigations into bizarre coincidence and unusual phenomena". We are not sure exactly what all of that means, but Leung is often a highlight of the Comedy Festival, so colour us intrigued.

The list of performers is as long as one of those colourful scarves magicians pull out of people's ears, so check the website and prepare to be amazed.

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