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Five Asian small-clawed otters at Melbourne Zoo
Photograph: Zoos Victoria

Melbourne Zoo's otter cam is the exact tonic you need right now

Zone out while you watch Melbourne Zoo's family of small-clawed otters play, swim and nap

Cassidy Knowlton
Written by
Cassidy Knowlton

Melbourne's zoos are closed to human animals right now, but those with feathers, fur or fins are definitely still in residence, and just as active as ever. You can catch up on their antics from home - including the cutest residents of all, the Asian small-clawed otters.

Otter parents Paula and Odie and their four pups (Murphy, Rodney, Gunther and Squid) are on camera 24 hours a day on Melbourne Zoo's livestream. The webcam captures their sleeping quarters, so you can watch them snoozing in a giant otter cuddle pile, which is just as adorable as you think it is. 

Baby otters at Melbourne Zoo
Photograph: Melbourne Zoo

The otter family made their camera debut last year, and their livestream is back to keep Melburnians entertained during lockdown. The otters go everywhere together, playing, swimming and sleeping in a group of six. 

Melbourne Zoo wild sea life sciences manager Harna Burton says although the pups are now as big as their parents, they are still learning and developing. 

"The family is so curious, vocal and energetic," Burton says. "The pups are very cheeky and love using their dexterous hands to investigate items like pebbles. The males [Murphy, Rodney and Gunther] are especially boisterous, but all of them are really interactive and enjoy spending time together."

Otters swimming at Melbourne Zoo
Photograph: Zoos Victoria

There are numerous animal livestreams at Melbourne Zoo, including penguins, giraffes, lions, meerkats and a snow leopard. But if you, like us, just want to watch the otters, we'll understand.

Want to help the zoo while it's closed to visitors? You can get involved in the ‘Don’t Palm Us Off’ campaign, which calls for proper labelling of palm oil products. 

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