Planetarium Nights

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Planetarium Nights
Photograph: Vincentiu Solomon

The Planetarium opens after hours for adults-only film screenings under the big dome

Ever wonder how to prepare for an alien invasion, what would happen if you got too close to a black hole, or if anyone still cares about the moon? The Planetarium’s line-up of time-bending, mouth-gaping cinema is here to help.

Spend your Friday nights getting launched into the stratosphere with flicks at the Melbourne Planetarium, covering everything from the enigma of black holes to the possibility of alien invasion. Also screening is crowd favourite What’s In The Sky Tonight, a guided tour across the night sky and into the stars.

Lay back with other like-minded spectacle-seekers and have your collective minds blown as you are treated to a show that is truly out of this world. Drinks will be available from the bar, so grab a cold one and delve into the mysteries and wonders of the universe.

By: William Dunn


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