Preston Fresh Hood Market

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Preston Fresh Hood Market

Meet the Fresh Hood people of Preston Market

In case you missed it, things are coming up roses in Preston. Last year saw the opening of foodie haunts Stray Neighbour and Dexter, while Preston Market welcomed the PAM Lane artists market. 

There's another reason why you need to put Preston on your radar. The Preston Fresh Hood Market launches on July 3 to bring a mix of live music, food and drink, street art and events under one roof... literally. An old market building and bingo hall (yes, really) has already been redecorated with murals and large-scale street art by Melbourne's best street artists ahead of the market's opening. 

The launch will be welcomed by Melbourne food trucks Fancy Hank's and Hoy Pinoy, as well as stalls from Henrietta's Chicken Shop and 3 Ravens Brewery. Live music, local vendors and more will also celebrate Preston's newest addition. 

The Fresh Hood Market is part of a long overdue facelift and two-year-long redevelopment for Preston Market and will no doubt draw Melburnians to this under-appreciated northside suburb. 

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