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Smash Splash

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  • Oakleigh
  1. Person throwing paint at a wall
    Photograph: Supplied
  2. Person standing against a wall covered in paint, having paint thrown at them
    Photograph: Supplied

Time Out says

This break room also offers guests the chance splatter a room with paint

Smash Splash comes basically as advertised. It’s a venue where you can smash things, or you can splash things, namely paint. The 20-minute splash sessions give you the chance to get messy and splatter a room with paint. 

After suiting up, up to three people enter the splash room where you can paint the walls red, blue, green or whatever colour. Smash Splash provides paint balloons which you can throw or smash at the wall with a bat, or you can go old-school and just use brushes or your hands to get creative. You can play your choice of music while splashing away plus you’ll have the chance to photograph your masterpiece once finished.

The venue also operates as a break room, a place where you can go and (safely) destroy things to vent a little steam. You can throw glassware, smash items with baseball bats and sledgehammers, and really work out your repressed rage in a healthy way. All protective gear is provided and Smash Splash provides a special selection of items (like TVs) you can purchase to smash.

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Nicola Dowse
Written by
Nicola Dowse


37 Edward St
Opening hours:
Fri 5-6pm; Sat, Sun 10am-6pm
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