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Dog on lead walking in grass
Photograph: Theodor Vasile/Unsplash

This Aussie startup matches you with Melbourne locals who can walk your dog

It’s like Airbnb for pet sitting, where you can find local dog-loving sitters (or become a sitter yourself!)

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If we had a dollar for every friend that’s adopted a new pet in iso, we’d be pretty rich by now. But this goes way beyond a typical iso-trend like sourdough making or TikTok dances. Having a pet is a huge commitment – but luckily there’s an Aussie startup that’s making it just that little bit easier to manage.

Dogshare is an Aussie website that lets you connect with locals in your area and exchange services. So, for instance, if you’ve got a dog but you’ve realised you don’t have the time to walk it three times a day, you can pop on Dogshare and find someone nearby who’s keen on a walk with a cute pupper.

It’s also great if you’re heading back to work now and are worried about how your dog is going to act after having 24/7 attention for the past couple of months. Read about how it works for dog owners here.

Similarly, if you’re not ready to commit to owning a dog yet, you can register on Dogshare to help your neighbours look after their dogs – which would often include going for walks or just receiving endless cuddles from cute doggos.

The website was started in 2015 by Jessica Janson and Adriana Baron, who have said the service is about more than just looking after dogs. "As new members found our service we were inundated with stories of just how special the bond is between human and dog and we began to see that our service is so much more than dog walking," said Janson.

Dogshare is this new type of social "petworking" – and it’s especially helpful for time-poor dog owners. Firstly, you sign up for a once-off joining fee of $20 and then it’s $9 per year after that. Plus, you can pause and restart whenever you need.

Check out how Dogshare works here and sign up as a dog owner or potential dog sitter here.

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