Christmas in Miami
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Christmas in Miami 2023: How to celebrate the holidays

Experience peak holiday joy this season with a little help from our guide to Christmas in Miami.

Falyn Wood

Ah, Christmas in Miami. It really is magical in its own way, with its tinsel-covered palm trees, South Beach lifeguard towers wrapped in twinkling garland and snowmen made of sand. Sure, we wouldn't mind a few more brisk winter evenings, but who can miss roasting marshmallows by the fire when you're getting nice and toasty on one of the best beaches in Miami?

Unconventional though it may be, there really is so much holiday spirit to go around in this town—you just need to know where to look. From festive Miami bars serving up spiked coquito and stiff eggnog to big Christmas events and our favorite Miami restaurants doling out unforgettable Christmas dinners, we've broken down how to do Christmas right in Miami. Forget snow; we’d rather be belting out Christmas carols on a boat any day.

Christmas in Miami

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