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Miami skyline
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5 things locals love about Miami

Miamians say they love the warm weather, cultural diversity, beautiful beaches and access to international destinations.

Falyn Wood
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Falyn Wood

Miamians are a proud people. Sure, we make it our hobby to complain about the traffic and out-of-control rent (and blame New Yorkers every single time), but we also own our flaws. Yes, our drivers are terrible, but those are our terrible drivers. When it comes time to wax poetic about the Magic City, you better believe we're complimenting this gorgeous town up and down.

After all, Miami is home to some of the world's best beaches and nightlife, and has also become one of the most exciting food cities in the U.S. We asked Time Out Miami readers on Facebook what makes them fall in love with the city and received a lot of feedback. Here are some of the things that give Miamians butterflies about a very special city.

1. The growing dance community

It's not just about Ultra anymore (and it hasn't been for a while). Dance music aficionados of all strains can slay the dancefloor from day to night at mega clubs, lounges and listening bars around Miami.

2. The cultural diversity

Miami is an international city with a confluence of cultures. Flavors of the Caribbean and Latin America converge with influences from the Med, Asia and beyond. If you can't find a cuisine you like in Miami or a community to call your own, you're not looking hard enough.

Miami South Beach
Photography: Shutterstock/Mia2you

3. The weather and the beaches

Do we need to elaborate?

4. The travel opportunities

Miami International Airport is an amazing jumping-off point for far-flung destinations around the world. It's American Airlines' third-largest hub and serves as its primary gateway to Latin America and the Caribbean. There are usually lots of cheap getaway options from Miami, too, no matter the season.

5. It's a sexy city

It's not just the attractive people and mesmerizing waterfront views that get locals so hot and bothered. Miami is also home to world-renowned art institutions, acclaimed theater, a thriving dining scene and farmers markets where you can find the freshest locally sourced products. No matter what you're into, Miami has it. And that's just plain hot.

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