Montreal air quality should improve with severe thunderstorms on the way

Severe thunderstorm watch issued for Montreal as hundreds of wildfires continue to blaze throughout the country.

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Due to poor air quality caused by the wildfire smoke, outdoor sports facilities, swimming pools and scheduled outdoor cultural events were closed Sunday on the recommendation of Montreal’s public health department.

In Quebec, where approximately 25% of the fires are currently active, the dense smoke prevented water bombers from taking off in the northern region of the province on Monday, and also led to widespread smog advisories in areas located further south.

As per the province’s forest fire prevention agency, the smoke has caused decreased visibility, posing challenges for certain water bombers and helicopters to complete their missions in the preceding days.

The heavy rain and wind anticipated in the most affected parts of the province  over the next few days should allow firefighting operations to resume, however the air quality in Montreal is still poor. 

What is the air quality in Montreal?

As of 6 a.m. today, the air quality in Montreal was at a 2 (low risk).

Is Montreal getting a storm?

According to Environment Canada, rainfall  between 20 to 40 millimetres is expected in some areas today, with up to 50 millimetres possible in locations experiencing severe thunderstorms this evening.

A change in wind direction combined with the rain (rain assists in dispersing small dust particles present in the atmosphere by causing them to descend to the ground) should improve the air-quality index.

The city asked residents to stay indoors when possible, noting that smoke from forest fires can be harmful to one’s health—even at low concentrations—and that those with lung or heart disease, older adults, children, pregnant people and people who work outdoors are at greater risk.

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For updates on smog warnings in effect, click on the Public Weather Alerts for Quebec webpage here, or subscribe to weather alerts by province / territory here.

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