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This new cafe is dishing out all things cream cheese

Dorkys Ramos

New York City might pride itself on being an ace in the bagel game, but a new East Village cafe is hoping to make cream cheese the real star of the show. Becky's Bites is opening its doors this Friday, July 28th at 122 E 7th St and is set on giving us a newfound appreciation for the bagel spread. The menu will feature a variety of flavored spreads as well as cream cheese-based desserts.

Photograph: Courtesy Becky's Bites

Becky Rosenthal was inspired to experiment with the deli staple after a craving for something easy and delicious led to her dipping cream cheese bites into chocolate. Now, Rosenthal is opening her first shop with these chocolate-dipped cream cheese delights as well as a variety of cream cheese spreads, parfaits, tiny tarts, Beckaroos (her version of Dunkaroos), cookie sandwiches and more. Cream cheese flavors include Becky's #basic, cookies n’ cream, peanut butter, chocolate-covered strawberry and funfetti birthday cake. A selection of seasonal spreads and flavors of the month will keep the cheesy menu fresh year-round.

Photograph: Courtesy Becky's Bites

Becky’s Bites sources its cream cheese from local farms in the New York Hudson Valley and other food items, including coffee and bagels, are also made in New York. If you need something to wash down bites of bagel and "not-your-ordinary cream cheese," then grab a cup of hot chocolate to go. You’ll get the option to top your beverage with, what else, cream cheese whipped cream.

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