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5 reasons NYC parents should celebrate Transit Wireless Wi-Fi's first birthday

5 reasons NYC parents should celebrate Transit Wireless Wi-Fi's first birthday
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Well, 2017 wasn’t a total bust. It was the year NYC welcomed its underground wireless service, and commuters everywhere revelled in the World Wide Web’s glory while in transit. How else can people be expected to pass time while on the F?

It’s officially been one year since this lovely innovation, and going back to old ways seems unfathomable. Commuters made 280 million cellular calls and 120 million log-ins via the Transit Wireless Wi-Fi network, according to Metro. Facebook and Instagram were the top-visited social media destinations; Times Square saw the busiest amount of traffic, and the most popular log-in times were on Thursdays between 4 and 7pm.

Today, this is the only way we can possibly be expected to travel throughout the five boroughs. Here are five reasons why NYC parents should celebrate the transit Wi-Fi network’s first birthday.

It's a lifesaver when your kid is cranky

Public transportation can make any of us a little irritable, especially tiny tots. Need a way to calm your little one down? Use the Wi-Fi opportunity to sign onto YouTube and play a fun tune. We're not judging. Just remember to bring headphones, because chances are your fellow passengers aren’t going to be as inclined to listen to Elsa belt one out.

It gives you more access to loved ones

If you need to tell your babysitter to hang tight for another 15 minutes, you have more opportunities than ever to get in touch. You don’t necessarily have to feel as though you’re completely cut off from family just because you’re underground (though are definitely some loopholes in the system).

It's a great way to kill time

Chances are you had a busy day at the office, but you need to start planning your little one’s birthday party. You can browse for goody bag ideas or the perfect location for the big bash. Even better? You won’t have to look at it when you get home.

You can up your social media game

Forget latergrams. If you and your kiddo just visited the most Instgrammable spots in NYC, you can feel free to share that selfie ASAP, even if you’re waiting for the C to arrive.

Enjoy a little more FaceTime

Does your kid hate parting ways in the morning? Have a quick FaceTime sessions while you’re waiting for your morning train. I kid you not, I saw two mothers video chatting with their babies just this morning.

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