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Disney+ is coming later this year, and we can hardly contain ourselves

Disney+ is coming later this year, and we can hardly contain ourselves
Photograph: Courtesy Disney

It's time to stock up on popcorn. 

Your kids' go-to Disney princess movies and Disney Channel Original Movies will be at their fingertips with the push of a button. After much anticipation, we've just learned that the Disney+ streaming service will grace viewers' TVs beginning Nov. 12, 2019 for $6.99 per month, according to Vox. We certainly hope you have your mouse ears on hand for the occasion. 

What could be better than the most magical characters, series and films in one place? Prepare for some stunning reveals: Following Disney's Apr 11 presentation, Vox further reports that a whopping 5,000 episodes of Disney Channel shows will be available on the service, in addition to exclusive Marvel favorites with a new twist on famous stories (thanks to series such as WandaVision, Winter Soldier and Loki). A debut Marvel series titled What If? is also in the works for the streaming service. 

Expect old-school favorites hidden in the Disney Vault to make an appearance (hopefully!) as the program will allegedly come to an end in time for the Disney+ debut, The Verge reports. This program added pressure to parents to snag films for a limited time before they became unavailable, but fingers crossed this will no longer be the case.

Parents, you will be remiss not to tune in to Disney+, especially since The Simpsons has named the service its exclusive streaming platform. If Lizzy McGuire or Frozen isn't up your alley, Homer and his crew will be at the ready. 

Unlike other streaming services, Disney+ will also have the option for an annual subscription of  $69.99 per year, which will save viewers $12 instead of paying the monthly fee. Sounds like your Netflix and Hulu marathons might be have some competition. 

Until November arrives, make sure to keep film buffs busy with the best kids movies 2019 has to offer!  

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