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Feel Happy-Go-Lucky in NYC with this artful funhouse installation

Danielle Valente
These days, art exhibits aren't worth visiting unless visitors can fully immerse themselves in the experience. 

On the heels of "Dream Machine" and the Egg House comes "Happy-Go-Lucky," a SoHo pop-up art installation that is as delightful as it sounds. The event space, which Sunnyhues Entertainment has produced, will feature eight themed rooms that evoke the warm and fuzzies, so prepare to radiate sunshine and happiness (and stop for some colorful sweets on the way there while you're at it). 

The exhibit (open from June 9–July 8) will include a light pink diamond room—akin to a life-size version of Polly Pocket—that features a pearl in a seashell amidst a light-pink background (and some colorful balloons are thrown in for good measure). Another room proves to be a fun Instagram opportunity for you and the crew, as its dazzling purple crystals transform visitors into another world. 

Photograph: Courtesy Sunnyhues Entertainment

Regardless of the room, "Happy-Go-Lucky" provides a little something for everyone who is need of a fun selfie and a new way to experience creativity in NYC. Let's be honest here, kids are never terribly keen on the whole "Do not touch the exhibit" warnings, so what better way to get them accustomed to art than to have them participate?  

Tickets are available now. Prices are $28 during the week and $34 on weekends. Children 3 and under are admitted for free. Click here to get yours. Wishing you all-things unicorns and rainbows as you enter this fantastical journey. 

Happy-Go-Lucky, 43 Wooster St ( 

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