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LEGOLAND New York's exclusive features sound absolutely epic

LEGOLAND New York's exclusive features sound absolutely epic
Photograph: Courtesy LEGOLAND New York

There's a lot to look forward to for engineers in training. 

While youngsters hone their STEM skills at after-school programs, LEGOLAND New York will continue to prep for its 2020 opening in Goshen, which is guaranteed to be a brick-lover's paradise. 

"We're really upping our game for New York," says Matt Besterman, the attraction's public relations manager. Visitors with creative kids in tow will get a kick out of exploring the park's eight worlds—Bricktopia, NINJAGO, Knight's Kingdom, to name a few. The adventure—and the resort—is perhaps one of the most anticipated family weekend getaways from NYC, and with good reason. It will be the largest LEGOLAND park and offer exciting New York-exclusive features. 

Although it feels like spring 2020 is lightyears away, this look inside the park's New York-only attractions will tide you over until then. Ready to take a gander? (Of course you are!) 

Heartlake City's Balloon Ride 

Photograph: Courtesy LEGOLAND New York

LEGO BFFs Emma Emma, Olivia, Stephanie, Andrea and Mia are waiting to make your acquaintance in Heartlake City. After you catch the friends in action on stage, you'll get to take an aerial look over their nabe, Pinefall Woods. "You'll sit and spin in the balloons, and the ride will lift you up so you'll be able to see around that area of the park," Besterman says. 

Big LEGO Adventure 

Photograph: Courtesy LEGOLAND New York

The eight LEGOLAND parks offer an experience where visitors get to see how the bricks are created. New York ups the ante with the Big LEGO Adventure...or should we say it shrinks the ante? 

"It will really will give you the feeling as if you’re being shrunk down to the size of a LEGO figure, and it will take you through the process of LEGO bricks being made and put into the hands of children waiting to build with them," Besterman says. 


Photograph: Courtesy LEGOLAND New York

Though Minland is the heart of the LEGOLAND parks globally, New York will naturally have a few features you can't find anywhere else.

"Designing New York is such a fun challenge," Besterman says. "The skyline is always changing. There will be brand-new buildings in Miniland New York that you haven’t seen before." Sounds just like Gotham, right? 

Sound awesome? Here's how to score some perks!


If the anticipation is too much for your little builder to bear, get him or her involved. LEGOLAND is searching for kid reporters to provide visitors with the inside scoop of what's happening in the park. To enter, kids must be between the ages of 6–12 and reside within 100 miles of Goshen. To enter, youngsters must post a one-minute video on Facebook with the hashtag #LLNYKidReporter explaining why they're the perfect fit (budding journalists must include name, age, neighborhood and where they go to school). From there, those entering must email their submission to by Feb 7. Winners will be revealed on Feb 28. 

So what does this cool offer include? If your kiddo scores the coveted position, he or she will be entitled to "First to Play" passes, a spot at the grand opening and much more. Learn about the program and its offerings here

Get your hardhats ready! We're ready for all-things bricks!

Be sure to tune back soon for exciting updates and visit the LEGOLAND website this spring to learn how to snag the park's First To Play pass. 

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