New York's kiddie salons share advice on how to cut your child's hair at home

Kid's hair unruly? Read this before you go Vidal Sasson on them.

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Oliver Strand
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One of the questions pulsing through parent-verse is, "How do I cut my kid's hair?" After all, it's likely that your little Rapunzel's locks are downright unruly by now.  

Salons in New York aren't slated to reopen until Phase 2, which most likely will take place some time in July. (Plus, there will be plenty of new state-issued regulations for salons and barber shops when they are given the green light.) 

If your little ones simply can't wait for a trim before then, take a moment read this list of do's and don'ts we put together with the follicular experts at Edamama Cute Cuts & More and Rockin' Locks for Kids. Your kids will thank us.

DO think before you snip

Is a haircut really necessary? A wild head of hair looks great in those virtual classrooms. But if your kid is entering werewolf territory, just do what you need to get by, like maybe a bang trim. You can cut more later. 

DON’T put a bowl on your child’s head

Don't use this as a cutting guide. Just don’t.

DO watch how-to videos

Rockin’ Locks created a video on how to do a bang trim and sent it to their clients. As with all DIY activities, YouTube is a great resource.

DON’T expect your children to sit still

Let them have some screen time—distraction is the best assistant! So go ahead and stream one of the best family comedy movies or one of the 50 greatest Disney movies of all time. Just make sure the screen is at eye-level: You want them looking straight ahead, not down.

DO use clippers if you’re trimming short hair

Use a #4, #5 or #6 guard, and try the back of the neck first to see if it’s what you want.

DON’T wet hair before using clippers

Dry hair is best.

DO use scissors for long hair

Use the best pair you have. Always use proper haircutting scissors—some men’s grooming kits include a pair. 

DON’T use kitchen scissors or utility shears.

Dull scissors pull the hair (ouch!) and make uneven cuts. Better to keep it shaggy than destroy the trust between you and your child.

DO wet hair before using scissors

Detangle the hair with a good brushing and combing—you can even make your own detangling product by watering down some hair conditioner. Leave in the conditioner to keep hair in place.

ALWAYS be patient—and make it fun

Make sure you have the time and the bandwidth to do this right, and that your kiddo isn’t having a meltdown. Better to put it off than create a family trauma.

Have a sense of humor, and turn the haircut into playtime: You’re at a make-believe hair salon, and you’re the fabulous stylist getting everybody ready for the big event. A little imagination goes a long way.

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