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The Washington Square Park fountain is back on, so go dip your feet in the water

The Washington Square Park fountain is back on, so go dip your feet in the water
Photograph: Courtesy Shutterstock/Tomasz Wozniak

Let's take a moment to bid our winter coats adieu. 

Spring has officially sprung, but if the warm weather still has you unconvinced, just head downtown. The New York City Parks Department confirmed that the Washington Square Park Fountain is back on for the season—as of April 17—so now's the time to swap those boots for flip-flops. 

While you're making the most out of fun outdoor activities during spring break, we definitely recommend dipping your feet in the water. It's the quintessential way for New Yorkers to welcome the season, after all. Plus it's National Picnic Day, so spending time in one of the city's beloved green spaces is a must. 

The fountain is 10 days ahead of schedule compared to 2018, when it turned on for the spring season on April 27. But we certainly don't mind enjoying a few extra days of splashing—especially when the kiddies are off from school.   

To summon those spring vibes and ensure that they're here to stay, it's probably in everyone's best interest to also scope out a spot near the park that offers delicious ice cream. We have to play it safe, friends, and we certainly can't take any chances. 

Enjoy dunking your toes in the water and knowing that your heavy North Face jacket won't make an appearance until the end of the year rolls around. ( least we hope!) 

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