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Wollman Rink opens for the season next weekend, so go find your skates

Wollman Rink opens for the season next weekend, so go find your skates
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Don't get too caught up tracking fall foliage or devising a Halloween costume: Winter activities for kids are on the horizon. 

Even though we're in prime spooky season, it seems that NYC is already planning its next move. Wollman Rink is scheduled to open for the season, weather permitting, on Saturday Oct 19. Time to rummage through your closet to dust off those winter clothes for kids and track down the ice skates. 

According to the attraction's website, registration for the skate school and hockey is currently underway, so now's the time to start planning if you have an ice-obsessed kiddo on your hands. 

The lineup of offerings from the attraction is impressive—from birthday parties and group lessons to public skating and figure skating training, a visit to the rink is certainly one of the coolest things to do in Central Park. Public skating rates are $12 for adults and $6 for those 11 and under during the week. On weekends, adult admission is $19 while children's tickets are still $6. 

When you're not busy taste testing hot cocoa or planning where to go ice skating in NYC (Rockefeller Center's rink opens Oct 12, FYI), make sure to take advantage of the coolest fall activities for kids. If you have winter and the holidays on the brain, check out what's happening on our December events calendar

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