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You can tour the “Harry Potter: A History of Magic” exhibit from home

This show from the British Library will cast a spell on you

Written by
Oliver Strand

Don't despair if you missed "Harry Potter: A History of Magic." Thanks to the magic of the internet and the archival might of Google Arts & Culture, you can tour the British Library exhibit—which also ran at the New-York Historical Society—without leaving your home.

This virtual tour is so much more than a few galleries and videos. "Harry Potter: A History of Magic" is a comprehensive online experience that links episodes from the seven-volume series to historical objects from the incredible collection housed in the British Library. It's also a part of Harry Potter at Home, Wizarding World's newly-launched resource of all things Potter.

The sorcerer's stone in Harry Potter Book 1? It was a mythical object that bewitched thinkers for hundreds of years, including the alchemist George Ripley, whose mystical ideas were written in code on a lavishly-illustrated scroll nearly 500 years ago, and that details an actual recipe for the sorcerer's stone.

This show is great for Potterheads and muggles alike. The books are explored in-depth, with plenty of original drafts and drawings that will let fans of the series see how the stories evolved: Check out J. K. Rowling's original sketch of Hogwarts. And there's lots of serious scholarship about the mystical arts, including books and objects that are so out-there they seem like they're works of fiction: A thousand-year-old medical manuscript called Bald's Leechbook feels like it belongs in Dumbledore's office, but it's a part of this very real world.

These days you can tour so many amazing exhibits without leaving your home. From visiting the Kennedy Space Center, to watching the feeding times at the best zoos and aquariums in North America, to seeing your favorite kids' museums in NYC and more.

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